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                             Tune Into Happy Hours With Organic Food… 

@rubypathak2016:      Time and tide wait for no man so let’s learn to enjoy our family life after working hours with no hangovers from active action  packed day. BUT how? do we need to get nourished by endless power packed protein drinks and meals? No, actually you need to have a peace pack heart instead. Some sure to be whispering back right now saying–”shut up, we all know that.”

It’s clear some of us don’t know the answer and few don’t want to think.  At the end of the day we shed tears hiding from all because that’s natural, when you are unhappy. Some stays awake after 12 am, some from 2 am, and many in between 3-5 am, others sleepless with headaches/ nightmares. The lucky ones are those who can sleep well.

This sleep in peace and happy family hours just don’t happen you have to make it work, just the way you labor for working hours to attain complete success and thrive in this competitive world. A rare practice but ultimately it shows the path for our good times, welbeing, health, happiness and the secret for a happy family life. Many of us try but fail or we just keep rolling with the idea. For sure this is not enough, as we all can see it’s not working to benefit our soul satisfying human heart instead erupting with complicated issues in personal and social bonding.

Four ingredients health, happiness, family and career when combined will reward you with an awesome quality life depending on the well balanced ratio of your capability and expectation. Difficult to choose which ingredient to add first as they are so dependent on each other to explore in abundance.

I choose health at first, so ready to be nurtured and nourished. The core the strength for your overall existence nurtured by meditation, yoga and exercise. Here lies a note of awareness, no matter what, we have to be alive with a sound  health , so we must decide to feed on simple seasonal organic food available.Trendy, healthy and tasty recipe will benefit only if we choose the quality ingredient. Our organs and our entire system is hit by the toxic and pesticide used to grow the demanding market food supply to feed our population.

Once Organic food eating habit is put into practice you will be rewarded not only with disease free body but could feel in tune with harmony of health and heart.

Our children, the future they have the right to live a pain free life and as parents only we can gift them this ultimate treasure. It is tough but we can all try to keep our family life simple by spending more for  this healthy pick and less for medical expenses.

Health is Wealth, from which blooms happiness, if you are happy you can share and spread intoxicating smile and happiness to your whole family. Working so hard to keep your family satisfied, well you have been working all day long, cultivating the career you chose. So, come back as early as possible, get rejuvenated and merge into your happy hours of healthy and wealthy family life, then sleep in peace. We all should continue to live with this change only then it will turn to a habit, will stop to run the rat race and be blessed with the life we want.

Yes, if we are so worried to save our world from disaster,  we should also be worried to make ourselves a wonderful human being, who are lucky to be born on this Earth so let’s take good care and honestly perform our individual work in our fields of interest and performance.

No one will need to share the awareness message to show live, that you are not living the life you should, but see in fact what unhealthy emotions you are surrounded with, feel guilty about the fact and learn how to come back to your senses apart from wasting your valued time.

My salute goes to this farmer(visited him in Kinnaur region of Himachal Pradesh,India) and to all our farmers who are devoted and passionate working all day for years to provide us particularly with the organic farming produce, let us take the initiative to buy from them and enjoy golden harvest of our motherland. We will be definitely rewarded with happy family time,better working ability and endless lifelong healthy happy hours.


@rubypathak2016 :       SURRENDER TO THE POWER OF FOOD

A tour is well defined when a traveler is free to discover his own destination to explore passionately and follow his adventure. Precisely a tour to the world of cuisine is similar in context. A bundle of recipes speak a lot about the energy, love and passion to present before a reader about the art of innovation and creativity from any geographical limits.
We need to survey and look beyond the social or racial bias. The renowned chefs from all around the Globe has the power to unite the world ministers with a touch of soul satisfying magical taste when sharing and cooking recipes from around the world on a single Political or Royal platform. Tasty vibes can unite them momentarily without the acknowledgement of even the subconscious mind that they are enjoying in their true spirit a taste borrowed from an enemy country may be. A recipe can now be compared with a powerful peaceful tasty messenger missile on earth to unite and bring an end to the map of war limits.
Now dive into the second layer of incredible taste palette,like music it is an immediate concentration within the soul to experience the love of a life’s extreme satisfaction. Fighting against the odds catching the mesmerizing moment irrespective of religious upheavals within the world cuisine.
Let’s dive into the third layer, like the everlasting passion for the evergreen musical note,our taste bud cling to the memories for the urge to bestow our soul with the evolution of peace loving energy, to attract the magnetism of the laws of nature.
Pause for a moment, can you feel the reflection of meditation here? I do. We worship our instincts for soul satisfying food,a tremendous magnetic force encapsulated in the process of germination of everyday world of recipes.
Feel the endless possibility, that we are almost actually united with the true human spirits to surrender to the power of food.




In project collaboration with   Food Around The World Project 
Country of Origin: Spain
Food can unite us irrespective of multinational, multilingual origin. Yes this is a fact and is well proven in his initiative for the The Never Ending Project Blog
by the renowned Chef Cesar Perez M @cookcaesar50 from Barcelona Spain ,The Old Spice Mill 
We get to know how our traditional age old recipes and the Indian spices  is appreciated all over the world, and here he disclosed (with influences from the amazing and mysterious India) the love of his country for our famous everyday Indian dish in a simple Lentil preparation, let us learn from his kind words :

” We love Indian food. At home, it is very unusual if we don’t have Indian food at least once a week. The aromas, the textures, the spicy flavours of this wonderful culture, delight our guests, as well.

But, let’s talk about the Dhal.

Dahl, which is also often spelled daal, and dal, is essentially a thick South-Asian-inspired lentil stew, which is often prepared with ghee or clarified butter. This recipe uses a little sesame oil for depth and flavour instead of ghee, and to make it vegan as well.

There are actually a wide range of dahls made from many different types of lentils and other vegetables called “pulses.” Dried and split, they are cooked with various different spices, meats, and vegetables. Options include red and yellow lentils, mung beans, lobiya (black-eyed peas), and chickpeas among others. It’s easy to modify a dahl to make it mild or spicy, or to create a full dahl-based meal, or a side dish”.

Thank you so much Chef !  We do respect and appreciate your work for passion and definitely Food Around The World Project  is a bonding between countries on this common ground that is, for the love of food.

Recipe Link:

  Hot And Sweet Carissa Chutney:
In Project Collaboration with with Caesar Perez @cookcaesar50 from Barcelona, Spain.
From West Bengal, a tasty and simple dish with all the aromas of India.
Thanks Ruby @RPATHAK2017 for sharing!!


Sunny Summer Mango Salsa And Nachos:

In Project Collaboration with with Caesar Perez @cookcaesar50 from Barcelona, Spain.

Our all-time favourite Salsa and Nachos, are so popular nowadays that we love to mould this recipe in our style, and enjoy this Mexican traditional snack in our native Indian kitchen.

We are the world and so we always unite with peace when we share our food on this common platform, from around the world.

24mantra ORGANIC– Poha Chicken Patties

@rubypahak2016   A nutritious mouth watering  low fat  patties can be had for evening snack or for kid’s lunch box. Extremely healthy with right balance of protein and carbohydrate serving. Almost taste similar to chicken burger but poha is used instead of flat bread or bread crumbs for the binding of the patties. Easy entertaining  with this combination of red poha ,chicken mince, vegetable, herbs and choice of continental spices. 24Mantra Red Poha is free of synthetic pesticides and GMOS. Made from best quality organic red rice, which is easily digestible. So surprise your family by serving this version of patties made with red poha.

Naturanna Organic Foods- Guacamole

@rubypathak2016  If you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle and passionate about eating seasonal fruits then search no further for tropical fruit selection. Grown in the hills of Sikkim and picked at the right time for us  Avocado, is  available by Naturanna Organic Foods in almost all the retail stores of Kolkata or just order for delivery at your doorstep. One must enjoy the deliciousness, creamy, buttery, and nutty flesh in flavor of avocado as long nature intended to grow to feed us with all its benefits.

This super food helps you detoxify your digestive system by regulating appetite with substantial amount of fibre.  Helps to restore damaged cells and renew bone density. Extremely beneficial for skin and eyesight. It is low in saturated fat  and great source of mono-saturated fats and does not contain any cholesterol and sodium, that is why avocado ranks first in the super food column according to the nutritionists. Contain natural resource of cancer fighting agents. Above all it assists us in regulating our mood feel rested and sleep well.

A high calorie fruit needs a delicate balance to get introduced in our daily diet.  Best if consumed non-cooked to avoid further chemical reaction. Use it for salad, sandwich, snack, dips, and dessert. Just cut it open discard the stone, sprinkle some lemon juice from browning the surface and scoop out the ripe flesh if kept at room temperature for a day or two.

Naturanna is a leading Organic brand (of the Kolkata based company Natureway Organic Fresh) with a wide range of Seasonal, Farm Fresh, Certified Organic products, grown and processed without toxic pesticides and chemical fertilisers.


For further enquiries and delivery options please call us at 033-6545715, +919239793785, +918910359501, +919831024935

Natureway Organic Fresh

Regd . Office: 34 Allenby Road:Kolkata-7000020; INDIA.


Recipe Link: 


24mantra ORGANIC– Cottage Cheese Spinach Twinkle Bites

@rubypathak2016  You know you got to celebrate your kid’s next birthday party and you just can’t wait to get home and think to whip up new recipes. Well, think no more this time invoke your culinary spirits and put on your apron to gift your child  an all organic burst of flavor feed. Pick 24mantra ORGANIC JOWAR FLOUR/SORGHUM FLOUR  and the rest of the staple ingredients  from your nearest organic store or order online. Perfect to suit any of the cooking methods, to make some simple healthy and nutritious sweet and savory  finger food for the party. I made this COTTAGE CHEESE SPINACH TWINKLE BITES  for my dear one with JOWAR FLOUR .It is gluten free, loaded with minerals like magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron and protein and is rich in antioxidants. Let our next generation enjoy Mom’s cooking and our Mother Nature’s pure organic produce  everyday for a healthy tomorrow  with 24 MANTRA ORGANIC.

24mantra ORGANIC – Sonamasuri Brown Rice

@rubypathak2016  Here is a magic potion of daily carbohydrates for weight management. The growing awareness for eating brown rice is a trend in action all over the world. For your next purchase pick up 24mantra ORGANIC  Brown Rice, be it basmati or sonamasuri and watch for yourself how it improves  your present immune system and helps you to trim off excess body fat. Perfect for adapting with your tension free diet plans. Well pairing with any side dishes, salads or for one pot meal.

Right time and right choice of first rice to be introduced lifelong for healthy babies with organic produce. Try it to believe the purity and abundance of gifts to everyday wellness with Brown Rice. Rush to your nearest organic store or order online to start with your brown rice meal addition  from today to witness  faster results. We are so thankful to Mother Nature, our Indian farmers and finally 24mantra ORGANIC to restore the purest form of fresh produce feed.

Wishing You a Blessed Kali Puja and Happy Diwali

Naturanna Organic Foods – Super Detox Organic Bottle Gourd

@rubypathak2016:   Why should we choose organic vegetables and fruits for superb health maintenance?  Not only do naturally grown seasonal vegetables and fruits give us optimum quantities of nutrients, but completely eliminates accumulation of toxic residues in our system from  consuming food grown with pesticides and chemicals. Nutritionists advice ‘Lauki’ Juice for diabetics which if not from an organic Bottle Gourd, would certainly not help in the detoxification process and neither  fully impart its healing medicinal properties. Therefore we must remember here to go green and pick an organic  ‘Lauki’ to get the maximum benefit from this super food!  For entire body hydration, bottle gourd juice is recommended a prescribed portion to be consumed once and during daytime only.

Apart from the fruit, other parts of Bottle Gourd, such as flowers, leaves and roots are also known to have healing property for kidney and reproductive organs.  Bottle Gourd contains essential minerals like magnesium, zinc, iron, calcium, Vitamin B and C.

In our kitchen, it is one of the most essential vegetables to shop for. It is widely used in everyday delicious Indian recipes such as’ lauki pakora’, soup,  dal, paratha, curry, halwa and payasam.

We have included a simple but mouth-watering Diwali – special dessert  Lauki ki Kheer/ Payasam recipe and Bottle Gourd Juice recipe to add to your festival list.

ADVANTAGES of ‘Lauki’:  this high water content vegetable, if taken daily, gives multiple healthy benefits for all:

  1. detoxification and fat flush
  2. improves digestion
  3. reduces bad cholesterol levels
  4. sugar inspector
  5. prevents aging
  6. gives us healthy eyes, skin and hair.

Naturanna is a leading Certified Organic brand (of the Kolkata based company Natureway Organic Fresh) with a wide range of Seasonal, Farm Fresh, Certified Organic products, grown and processed without toxic pesticides, chemical fertilisers, hormones and antibiotics.


For further enquiries and delivery options please call us at 033-6545715, +919239793785, +918910359501, +919831024935

Natureway Organic Fresh

Regd . Office: 34 Allenby Road:Kolkata-7000020; INDIA.


Recipe Link:;

Terragreensorganic – Lentil And Cashew Ladoo

@rubypathak2016:    To celebrate this Diwali festival, decorate this Lentil And Cashew Ladoo recipe platter with flowers, diyas and place it on a rangoli.  A complete traditional,  healthy and organic  Indian dessert of cashews infused delicious ladoo prepared with TerraGreens Organic ingredients that are full of nutritional values. Let us light up your blessed health and go green with TerraGreens Organic mission and enjoy the fruits of labour of our farmers to share together from this Deepavali in a delightful way.

Recipe Link:

Naturanna Organic Foods – Stuffed Pointed Gourd Mithai

@rubypathak2016  The Holy trio blesses you, on this auspicious occasion of Kali pujo in West Bengal. Offer this Hindu traditional homemade sweets while performing with rituals and bhog prasad to the goddess Kali and Lakshmi. Distribute the organic bhog prasad to Goddess on behalf of  your whole family and friends and stay blessed.

Naturanna Organic Foods is not just a brand; it’s a way to live life to the fullest by building  power from within. You have to nourish and worship your physical being, so nurture with organic habits. Parwal / Pointed Gourd is a superfood that helps with everyday normal meal planning, choose to grab few packs of Naturanna organic parwal that is  chemical – (green) colour free and full of healthy nutritional benefits. See for yourself the difference it will gift your health  and well being with.

Naturanna is a leading Certified Organic brand (of the Kolkata based company Natureway Organic Fresh) with a wide range of Seasonal, Farm Fresh, Certified Organic products, grown and processed without toxic pesticides, chemical fertilisers, hormones and antibiotics.


For further enquiries and delivery options please call us at 033-6545715, +919239793785, +918910359501, +919831024935

Natureway Organic Fresh

Regd . Office: 34 Allenby Road:Kolkata-7000020; INDIA.


Recipe Link: Stuffed Parwal Mithai

24mantra ORGANIC  – Sweet Hot And Sour Red Poha


@rubypathak2016:   This Diwali prepare a healthy fusion 24mantra ORGANIC  Red Poha recipe with some tamarind,  jaggery  and extra lemon juice for an energetic richer, tangy tasty  Sweet Hot And Sour Red Poha  recipe.  A perfect fitness meal for your regular diet for all age group. The age old  Indian Poha recipe is so popular as a morning and evening snack. 24Mantra ORGANIC Red Poha  is made without synthetic pesticides & GMOS.  Rich in iron which is ideal for children and pregnant women. Red  Poha is a healthier version to regular White Poha  due to less processing factors, thus enriched with extra minerals content and full of antioxidants. Include organic Red Poha as one of  your family’s healthy cereal choice.

Recipe Link:


@rubypathak2016 Natureway is a leading Organic brand (of the Kolkata based company Natureway Organic Fresh) with a wide range of Seasonal, Farm Fresh, Certified Organic products, grown and processed without toxic pesticides and chemical fertilisers.  Just after their successful mango season Naturanna is here to offer us this year’s Mosambi (Sweet Lemon)  fruit,  plucked at the right time of ripening and made available to you at your nearby retail stores. You can also get them delivered to your doorstep.

If you are planning to buy for your family, friends and your loved ones, then choose to buy the best organic Mosambi fruits available in the market. These organically grown fruits will help them get the best nutrients as naturally grown fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants and contain the optimal quantities of vitamins and essential minerals – just as Nature intended it to be. Mosambis are rich in Vitamin C and Potassium besides other essential elements such as calcium, phosphorous and iron This energy juice if consumed will increase appetite, maintain proper blood circulation, lower cholesterol, help build immunity against diseases such as cancer, as well as prevent skin and hair problems.


For further enquiries and delivery options please call us at 033-6545715, +919239793785, +919230501533, +919830918480



@rubypathak2016 Pick 24mantra ORGANIC JOWAR FLOUR/SORGHUM FLOUR  and JAGGERY POWDER  from your nearest organic store to  make some simple healthy and nutritious sweet  dessert for the children’s party. I made this  COCONUT -JAGGERY FILLING STARS for my dear one with JOWAR FLOUR and JAGGERY POWDER. It is gluten free, loaded with minerals like magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron and protein and is rich in antioxidants. An age old tradition of making desserts with coconut and jaggery filling is known to us but here it is placed inside two jowar flour cookies, pan fried in clarified butter/ghee.So let the kids enjoy yummilicious desserts and you be happy watching stars twinkling in their eyes.

Recipe Link:


@rubypathak2016   Want some wholesome goodness to serve as brunch, dinner and dessert with 24mantra ORGANIC CORN DAHLIYA?Next time prepare with some traditional Mexican twist to make this nutritious dried broken corn into  TEX-MEX CORN CAKE recipe with an intensified ,incredible and delicious Indian  and Mexican spices.Mix with beans to make a hearty and vegan dish or use minced meat for meat  lovers.Perfect for stress free lunch -box ideas . An old fashioned classic effort of our farmers is exercised to keep these corn  dried for months.Maize contains essential nutrients which helps lower cholestrol,prevents anaemia,hypertension and diabetes ,hairfall and dry skin.Loaded with vitaminB1,B5 ,C and E.Exremely benificial for pregnant mother.With all these amazing bouquet of health and beauty benefits one must not forget to include 24MANTRA ORGANIC CORN DAHLIYA,in their weekly shopping list .

Recipe Link: